LCR Meters - 4310 4320 4350 and 43100

  • Comprehensive measurement functions, including DC resistance (Optional)
  • Test components from 20Hz to 1 MHz (43100)
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • Drive level from 10mV to 2Vrms
  • Internal and external DC Voltage bias
  • GPIB / IEEE-488 and RS-232 interface
  • LCD display, with easy-to-read characters
  • Protection against charged capacitors
  • Small size and light weight
Data Sheet

A range of easy to use LCR meters with comprehensive measurement functions.

Accurate and fast measurements may be made from 20Hz to 1MHz (43100) making the 4300 series the ideal choice for many applications in the test or production environments.

All 4300 series instruments may be externally controlled using the standard RS232 or GPIB interfaces.

Technical Specifications

Measurement parameters
Any of the following parameters can be measured and displayed:

Impedance (Z)             Phase Angle (Ө)
Capacitance (C)          Dissipation Factor (D)
Inductance (L)             Quality Factor (Q)
AC Resistance (Rac)   Reactance (X)
Susceptance (B)         Conductance (G)
Admittance (Y)

DC Resistance (Rdc) is an option (/R) on all models.
Series/parallel equivalent circuit
Any combination
Polar Form
Z + Ө, Y + Ө

Test conditions
Frequency range
4310       20 Hz to 100 kHz
4320       20 Hz to 200 kHz
4350       20 Hz to 500 kHz
43100     20 Hz to 1 MHz
Frequency steps
5 Hz       20 Hz to 1 kHz
50 Hz       1 kHz to 10 kHz
500 Hz    10 kHz to 100kHz
5 kHz    100 kHz to 1MHz
Drive level (AC measurements)
Open circuit:                     10 mV to 2V rms
Voltage step size:             10 mV (200 steps)
Short circuit:                     100 A to 20 mA rms
Current step size:              100 A (200 steps)
Signal source impedance:  100Ω
DC bias voltage (internal)
2 Vdc
DC bias voltage (external)
External supply of up to 40 V may be connected via rear panel
Measurement ranges
Z, R, X     0.01 mΩ to >1 GΩ
Y, B, G       0.1 nS to >2 kS
L                   1 nH to >2 kH
C              0.01 pF to >1 F
D, Q           0.0001 to 9999.9
Phase Angle -180 to +180
Rdc           0.1 mΩ to >100 MΩ (Option)
Basic accuracy
Varies with speed, frequency, AC drive level and impedance of Device Under Test.
Measurement speeds
Four selectable speeds for all measurement functions.
Up to 50 measurements per second depending on test frequency
and set up conditions.
Measurement connections
4 front panel BNC sockets
4-wire (Kelvin) measurements with screen at ground potential
Binning (optional)
User programmable PASS and FAIL bins. 25 way D-type interface connector.
Option /B1 (non-isolated)
Common 0V. Bin outputs 0 to 5V (nominal) with >10 mA current sink capability.
Option /B2 (isolated)
Common 24V input. Outputs 0 to 24V with >10 mA current source capability.
Power requirements
90 V AC to 264 V AC (Autoranging); 47 Hz to 63 Hz
High contrast monochrome LCD module
320 x 240 with back lighting
Remote control
RS232 and GPIB (IEEE 488.2)
Height      104mm (4.1″)
Width       322mm (12.7″)
Depth       285mm (11.1″)
Weight         3kg (6.6lb)
Environmental conditions
Temperature Range
Storage         -40C to 70C
Operating         0C to 40C
Full Accuracy 23C 5C
Relative humidity
Up to 80% non-condensing
Up to 2000m
Installation category
II in accordance with IEC664
Pollution degree
2 - mainly non-conductive

This equipment is intended for indoor use only in a non-explosive and non-corrosive atmosphere
Complies with the requirements of EN61010-1:2001
Complies with EN61326 for emissions and immunity

Order codes and options

4310 LCR Meter
20 Hz to 100 kHz
4320 LCR Meter
20 Hz to 200 kHz
4350 LCR Meter
20 Hz to 500 kHz
43100 LCR Meter
20 Hz to 1 MHz

All models supplied with User Manual, Kelvin clips and AC power cable.

DC Resistance (Rdc)   add /R to part number
Bin handler - non-isolated
(cannot be fitted with /B2)
add /B1 to part number
Bin handler - isolated 24V
(cannot be fitted with /B1)
add /B2 to part number
Kelvin clips (fine jaws)   1EVA40150
Kelvin clips (large jaws) 1EVA40180
BNC to 4-terminal component fixture 1EV1006
4-terminal lead set 1EV1505
SMD Probe Lead 1EV1905A
SMD Tweezers 1EVA40120
Operating manual 9H4300
Certificate of Calibration with results 1JCALRES
Wayne Kerr's policy is one of continuous development and consequently the product may vary in detail from any published description and specification.