Bandwidth 200MHz
Attenuation 1/10
Accuracy +/- 1%
Input Impedance 500kohm//7pF each side to ground
Input Voltage  
Differential Range +/-20V
Common Mode Range +/-60V
Absolute Max. Voltage +/-60V
Output Voltage
Swing (into 5kohm load) +/-2V
Offset (typical) <+/-2mV
Noise (typical) 0.3mVrms
Source Impedance (typical) 50 ohm
CMRR (typical) -80dB@100Hz; -50dB@10MHz
Power Requirements  
Standard 6VDC/90mA or 9VDC/70mA mains adaptor
Option Removable battery pack or power leads
Input One jack of 1A current rating
Length of BNC Cable 125cm
Length of Input Leads 50cm
Weight 300g
Dimensions(LxWxH) 111mm x 22mm x 14mm

Bandwidth up to 200MHz
0.1mV Sensitivity

Telecom Measurement
xDSL Applications
High Speed Power Measurement
Differential Line Transmitter and Receiver Design

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