VibTrack HAVTM Personal Dosimeter for Hand-arm Vibration Exposure Monitoring

The VibTrack HAVTM system is a unique new approach to obtaining continuous vibration exposure data in actual working conditions. A wearable, cable-free design allows the dosimeter to be placed on the hand of the worker, under a work glove, measuring and storing continuous one-second Aeq (Ahv) data (Sum, and/or X,Y, Z axis) for an entire work-shift –up to 12 hours. Download is simple and fast when the dosimeter is returned to the VibTrack DS5 Docking Station using Blaze® Industrial Hygiene Analysis software…

  • Hand-mounted, rugged self-contained dosimeter
  • Triaxial measurement with HA Filter curve per ISO 5349
  • 1 second continuous data logging for entire work shift
  • Intrinsically Safe*
  • Part of a complete exposure management system with assignable datalogging units
  • System Includes Docking Station and Blaze® s/w
  • Meets ISO 8041-2005

* Pending

  • Prevent / reduce risk of HAVS
  • Regulatory compliance for workplace exposure
  • EU directive and ACGIH TLV safety requirements
  • Tool condition monitoring
  • Anti-vibration glove tests

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