Spark Super Duty

Completely sealed in an extruded metal housing, with no controls or display to tamper with or damage, the basic model Spark 705 is programmed to start automatically and gather noise exposure data unobtrusively, time after time. Capable of storing up to fifty separate tests in a memory that can never be accidentally erased - even with the battery removed - the 705 creates a concise, one-page report with all your compliance data and a clear graphical picture of your noise exposure profile.


For even more versatility and power, the revolutionary

Spark 705+ with 'I2CU'* remote-response capability is the way to go, imagine reading data from individual

dosimeters - even as they're being worn by the worker - from up to three feet away! Using the Spark 706RC companion dosimeter as a 'Master Controller', multiple 705+ units can be started, stopped, uploaded and reset - anytime, anyplace. Then, transfer all the individual tests stored in the master unit to your PC when it's most convenient, adding unique descriptors and notes to each test - even as the still-deployed 705+ units continue to gather more samples. You'll see a dramatic increase in the amount of sampling you can accomplish in the shortest possible time!


For maximum survivability combined with comfort and small size, the Spark 705's can't be beat. Add to that

their superior reporting capability, flexible deployment options and ease-of-use, and you'll agree - there's a new

and more efficient way to monitor workplace noise exposures - smarter, faster, and better.


*I2CU - Interactive Infrared Communication Utility


Aircraft Noise

Industrial Noise

General Surveys

Transportation Noise

Community Noise

Building Acoustics

Sound Power Determination

Vibration Measurements


Transient Capture

Machinery Noise

Audiometric Calibration



Spark 705 Datasheet


PC Software

Blaze Software



Spark 705 Super Duty Support Page


Incredibly rugged, watertight housing

Very compact and easy to use

Universal noise exposure results using your choice of multiple dose parameters

Both models intrinsically safe

High speed IR data transfer without a cable

Outstanding reports and analysis using Blaze software

Massive memory allows more than a week of sampling - on all three shifts

Detachable microphone


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