Spark 703

Spark - The Spark series are the perfect choice for personal noise exposure sampling in the workplace. Weighing only 7 ounces, they are intrinsically safe data logging dosimeters

There are seven Spark models available with a full range of capabilities. Choose from basic dataloggers with no display, display-only units, or take advantage of the power of I2CU* with multiple unit Combo-paks!


*I2CU - Interactive Infrared Communication Utility



  • 703 - Downloads basic and summary reports to PC. The 703 is controlled by the PC with security and lowest cost) Blaze software.


    703+ - Fully featured logging dosimeter with remote response capability. Complete report generation and setup using Blaze software. Can be operated and (excluding LCD and keypad for maximum security) interrogated by the





    Spark Datasheet


    PC Software

    Blaze Software



    Spark 703 Support Page


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